I'm going to try some new things....

I've been inspired recently by my sister Jenn's blog For The Love of Bikram --chronicling her self-challenge with Bikram Yoga. I read it and I think "I would love to do something like this!" and "I should be more active." I think "I should get out more," and "I need to be more disciplined."

I think a lot. More than I do, really. I am fantastic at imagining how well I will do something, how good I'll feel when I hit my goal, how happy I'll be when all my hard work pays off. I sometimes stay in bed longer than I need to, imagining it all.

Well screw that. I'm going to start doing things, I've decided. Yesterday, I started by starting to Geocache with my sister Jill. Randomly, unplanned. It was a rush of a totally different kind when we uncovered a little tiny log book rolled up inside a very clever fake piece of pipe. I was tired from working the night before, but I dragged my butt out of bed. Afterwards, I went to see a movie with my uncle. And this morning, after seeing the Muppets with Caanan, we went looking for another Geocache (didn't find this one, apparently you need to be a squirrel--but the chase was fun!) and we just enjoyed being outside.

Tomorrow? My first rollerskating endeavor. I have all the gear--for so many things--I just need to start using it.