Well, it's a start!

Yesterday I had a few things planned--and I think I got through about half of them, which is a start right? I didn't make it to the gym or rollerskating, but I did clean house, do laundry, and put up our curtains (finally, three months later!)--I also made a huge pot of soup! So I'm good. I'm not shooting for 100% yet, just a change from what I was achieving before--which felt like basically nothing.

This morning I was up before 8 (getting up early on days off is a real struggle for me, but if I don't it ensures a screwy sleeping pattern...) and had a real breakfast. Not just coffee!

In other news, I ordered some "carb blockers" from Amway and have started taking them before meals. We'll see what happens. I'm really considering going gluten free for 3 months or so to see what changes.

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