Muppet Thor!

My awesome husband, Caanan Grall, recently took on the 24 hour Comikaze challenge and spent his 24 hours working on Muppet Thor! I'm so darn proud I could spit, and have been spamming celebrities on Twitter, hoping for a random RT that millions of people will see, because he deserves it--but until that happens, I'm just going to keep on spreading the word and reading it over and over and over and over and over between episodes of Scrubs.

Seriously, you should check it out. While you're there, read some of his ongoing strip, Max Overacts. If you enjoy witty, silly, poignant humor about life in all its' glorious inequity, Max will win you over!


I have a kitty underfoot, and a song in my heart....

...life is sweet. You know that feeling you get when your heart is bursting at the seams, and even though everything is chaos and nutty you're happy, because things are the way they ought to be? That's me, today. Stretched out along my right leg is a chubby black kitty with a big mouth, and my iTunes is full of new music to explore. Today there were twins, difficult situations, and a mother who delights in just being a mother. Tomorrow there will be moving boxes, several million stairs, some highway drives.....

The icing on the cake? Last night my husband and I took a drive to the drive-through Subway (thank you, Nova Scotia!) and made out in the car waiting for our food to be passed through the tiny window, and I fell in love with him all over again, just by looking at him.

This is my family, and they are my home.


I'm starting from scratch....

....with life, with living space, with work, with blogging---well, okay, the job I just started in July is staying the same but it still feels relatively new--and hopefully at the end of this, my 31st year alive, I'll have a somewhat smaller, much much MUCH healthier body to work with.

My dear friend at The Naked Catwalk has a theory: that we set ourselves up to fail every New Years' Day by making resolutions we think will somehow magically change our very self-ness. I think in many ways, she's right--we take too much on, we set the bar too high, we think that somehow we will be thinner, prettier, more interesting, more well-read, more intelligent, better parents, lovers, friends, all because we resolved to make it so. In reality? It takes a whole lot of work to lose 1/3 of your body weight (or even 1/8th) and in many ways even MORE work to change the person you are into the one you wish to become.

This year? I would like to be healthier, in all the ways I can. Healthier in body--1/3 less body, if I have my way!--and in mind, and in marriage. I would like to spend more time doing for others and more time learning to do for myself. I would like to think that I will get these things started--but I know, beyond a doubt, that I will be resolving the same things in different ways next year.

I think I can.