I'm starting from scratch....

....with life, with living space, with work, with blogging---well, okay, the job I just started in July is staying the same but it still feels relatively new--and hopefully at the end of this, my 31st year alive, I'll have a somewhat smaller, much much MUCH healthier body to work with.

My dear friend at The Naked Catwalk has a theory: that we set ourselves up to fail every New Years' Day by making resolutions we think will somehow magically change our very self-ness. I think in many ways, she's right--we take too much on, we set the bar too high, we think that somehow we will be thinner, prettier, more interesting, more well-read, more intelligent, better parents, lovers, friends, all because we resolved to make it so. In reality? It takes a whole lot of work to lose 1/3 of your body weight (or even 1/8th) and in many ways even MORE work to change the person you are into the one you wish to become.

This year? I would like to be healthier, in all the ways I can. Healthier in body--1/3 less body, if I have my way!--and in mind, and in marriage. I would like to spend more time doing for others and more time learning to do for myself. I would like to think that I will get these things started--but I know, beyond a doubt, that I will be resolving the same things in different ways next year.

I think I can.