I done went and got myself married!

We do everything backwards--honeymoon before marriage license, which comes before we book the hall, and he asks me on the streetcar on the way home from planning the when and where of our actual wedding. I am fuming because somehow, he has managed to get out of actually giving me a proposal, and when I turn to him to say something and he says "do you think this one will fit?" I look down at the ring he is holding and ask him if he found it on the seat of the tram when we sat down.

It turns out his mother sent the ring from Australia, and this has been brewing for a little while, and all the things I worried about are for nothing because here is a man who would like our paths to run side by side.

So on December 21st, in a little room in City Hall, we gathered our friends and some family and pronounced to the world (and later to Facebook) that we are sharing our lives through the best of times and the worst of times.

He will never tired of kissing me, he promises, and he will never tire of looking at my beautiful face, and I cannot think of anything else that I want or desire.

Life is sweet.



We're going to Europe in September!  FOR A MONTH!  
I don't even know what to start planning or who to start calling, it's the awesomest thing ever and it'll actually be feasible because I'm getting a mondo tax refund. 

Where to go?  What to do?  Who to see?  

On another note, I'm up at almost 5 am researching Eurail passes and flight options because I was on nights for two weeks and my internal clock is fucked.  Good thing I start days tomorrow :D  


It's 2 am, where is YOUR relationship headed?

It always starts the same way
with me doubting myself
and assuming that doubt carries--
So at 2 am, I roll over and start to cry
and he's in tune, and knows something is wrong
and we have that conversation
curled up on the couch
(because the bedroom is a safe place).
I ask him where it's all going
and cry a bit when he's honest and
says "I don't know yet"
And then he does something that makes me laugh
and after I warn him:
"I won't wait for 10 years--I'm too good for that,"
I realize I probably would wait the 10 years.
And I probably won't have to.