I bring my work home with me.

We both woke up this morning just after 5 am, spontaneously, bolt wide awake, staring at eachother, and in the shadows he said "you have pretty eyes" before rolling back over and trying to make his body behave the way it's supposed to that early in the morning.

I plumped my pillows up, smiling to myself, and started to drift off again, and just before my brain succumbed to complete fantasy-land I caught it thinking "I wonder how I chart that?"

I almost laughed out loud, but I didn't want to wake him up, so I just hoped I would remember to write it down.


The People on The Bus

This morning, sleepy headed and dreaming on the way home (having domestically picked up milk at that tiny corner store that sells the weird childrens' hats) I had just enough time to wonder about the People on The Bus. Where are they all going? Are they happy to be on their collective way somewhere, or dreading the end of the journey?

And then I was in the door, out of my boots, and greeted with kisses and toast, hot chocolate and Pushing Daisies, and I barely had time to wonder at all until just now, when I nearly beat C's score in Tetris and finished, proud of myself, my brain empty--and suddenly I wondered where they are now.

And did they wonder about me?


This Music

I'm bouncing on my ball
Tapping my feet
In my head, visions of far-off lands
And a grungy stage, rowdy crowd
Bobbing their heads along to the Irish lilt.

Bed is made (blanket over the dirty spot)
Pillows plumped
Toilet cleaned and sink scrubbed.
The mirror shows my face
Instead of the spatter of toothpaste.

And I am waiting for a friend to call
Watching him draw by the window
And thinking my life might be perfect
To the soundtrack of this music.