Today's Smallest Things

Walking home from my class today (we picked apart the Rise and Fall of Britney Spears for an hour) I was amazed at all the little things I saw--
--I walked by:
Throngs of freshmen waiting at the corners of Church & Gould--they haven't figured out yet that the lights never change in time for classes. I felt like pointing out the 2nd floor bridge between the Journalism building and Kerr Hall but didn't want to shout. They were almost all wearing black, what's with that? Probably some cool new trend I don't know anything about, as usual

The wafting of the bakery at Dominion--nothing smells as good as baking bread, it's fantastic :)

A young Jamaican man smoking a joint, strolling up Dalhousie

A late blooming bed of tiny pink flowers tucked away in a corner

A pink paisley couch, missing legs and cushions, looking utterly forlorn, waiting for disposal on Frank Natale Lane

The Good Tymez Cafe--'nuff said! Ditto for the Hasty Market

A young, blonde, Avril-esque skater girl, enjoying the sunshine as she pushed her way down Mutual street

The Jarvis Armoury (what DO they do in there, anyway?)

A squirrel playing with a nut the way a kitten plays with a ball of yarn--nobody else seemed to notice with the exception of a homeless guy on a bench across the street. He and I laughed out loud and the four bicycle cops shooting the breeze a half block down looked startled and suspicious....

One of those creepy men at the corner of Shuter & Sherbourne who almost whispers "hi..." as you walk by, leaving you wondering if you imagined it...

The first edges of rust on the maples in Moss Park

And, finally:

A young gray cat and an old black squirrel going against the grain and almost touching noses, one pointing down the tree, the other stretched all the way up against the trunk of it....

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