Shittily, almost bitten.

It would have been shittier HAD I been bitten, of course. But that's really beside the point. I had a record-breaking unlucky day today: first my flipflop fell apart in the middle of my jaunt to class this morning (I fixed it with a huge paper clip and it seems to be holding up well), then I had a massive attack of the shits which, of course, came just in time to make me late for my second class and when the entire bathroom was FULL of people I knew who were trying to talk to me through the stall door about school and assignments and finally, as I sat in lecture, eating my lunch and trying to half-heartedly follow what the "guest speaker" was saying, I felt this peculiar crawly sensation just above my kneecap. I immediately pinched up whatever the bug was between the folds of my jeans and, holding it as far away from my body as possible, squished like I had never squished before....then made Josh squish it again after I'd rolled my pants up to my thighs and ascertained that the still-wiggling bug was, in fact, a yellowjacket. By the time we were done with it, it was completely pulverised (better safe than sorry) and marinating in the puddle of juice under my chair that probably attracted it in the first place. Fucker.

So anyway, I'm not allowed to go to clinical for at least 24 hours (from the last explosive shit I had, which was around 2 this afternoon) so I have tomorrow off. Hurrah. The irony is, I now feel fine and have nothing to do.

Maybe I'll go buy a new pair of flipflops.

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