Music & Lyrics...

I'm just constantly amazed by the number of songs I listen to in a day--every five minutes another lyric will grab me and I'll want to live it. Jann Arden's "Where No-one Knows Me" is high on my list right now--that concept of just dropping everything and driving away is such an appealing one to me, no matter how happy I am. One day I'll do it--one day, maybe, I'll find someone who is daring enough to do it with me :)

Anyway--to say my life is touched by music is the understatement of the year, it's neverending. I love it. There's an extra dimension to my ability to express myself now--there' s a song lyric for everything!

Guess I understand it
Guess I sorta have to
Guess I kinda see

Even though it could have been
Doesn't mean it had to
Ever mean a thing....
(Jeff Healey)

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