10.43 am:
Nothing better than a little JT to aid in the frantic cleaning of the closet. I'm finding all kinds of things I thought I'd lost.....
Speaking of things I thought I'd lost--I'm happy to say my self-esteem is back :) I realized yesterday that I have been going about this dating thing alllllll wrong--suffice it to say that I will be putting in as much energy as I get back at this point, no matter how much I just want to crawl into a certain someone's skin--that initial intensity is really a lot of fun, but I'm more interested in that quietness, the ability to have a reciprocal relationship and spend time exploring one another. I've never really "dated"--not the way other people do--instead, I fall in and out of things and wonder why it burns so hot and fast. We'll see if the ingredients for a slow, steady burn are here this time, over some time, and in the meantime I am content to concentrate on this one thing and leave the rest of the men panting in my wake (LOL! Just imagine!).

There are so many aspects of my life that I've been neglecting lately--it's a little overwhelming to think about paying them the attention they deserve. I started by cleaning my room (rather significantly nicer, my room, when it's clean!) and have two goals today: laundry, and a swim :) It looks like I might be calling in sick to clinical tomorrow, stupid cold (you know who you are, thanks for sharing!) which might not be so bad, it'll give me more time to find my missing name badge :)

Life really is about starting over...and over...and over...and over...

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