First day of School? Again?

12:10 pm
It's my 4th year and I feel like it's my first day ever!

1.30 pm
I was right, in a way. Apparently the lovely self-reflections and peer reviews/practice reviews and FWord-ing LEARNING PLANS are being legislated to be mandatory for all Nurses, Forever. I will, in effect, be doing these little "assignments" for the rest of my practicing life. I KNEW there was a catch.

1.45 pm
475 of my peers are slowly glazing over. This class is going to be one of those "development" courses that develops us all into bare-minimum, last-minute slackers. The woman presenting is basically reading straight from the slides and I don't think she's anywhere near finished. Her shirt matches her PowerPoint color scheme :(
Group work and peer presentations until December! I can't wait!

7.30 pm
At least clinical conference went smoothly. Our faculty advisor is completely reasonable and will be a blessing to have this year.
Not quite such a blessing is the Simmons' cat (whose name I never did learn). He's the size of a small child--I suppose I should be glad he's only humping the stuffed lamb (Elmo, laundry pile, whatever feels nice, I suppose) instead of me or poor Tia, who I'm sure he outweighs.

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